BRELLA Overview:     https://bit.ly/3O4ZyNZ

BRELLA Designs + Features:        https://bit.ly/3v05MYa (1:21)

How and why the Brella was invented https://bit.ly/3Ey2NcP (1:18)

Brella WAV3 Hybrid features:  https://youtu.be/X_Af9eLfIzU 



Review from iSportsman ARX

"Let’s start with the most inclusive design feature, the “one-size-fits most” unisex Brella design. Usually, this claim is a red flag, but with Brella it is probably the most attractive feature. When we tested the Brella 2020 Navy Blue Rain Jacket, iSportsman rallied the help of testers from a men’s size 3XL to a women's size M, and the adjustable Brella design provided a comfortable fit for all.  " See complete iSportsman review at: https://bit.ly/3yKTLrw


What's Unique about the Brella?

 The Brella is unique from other rain jackets because you have: 

  • total freedom of movement for the upper body and arms
  • universal fit … one size fits most
  • the option to adjust the fit around the waist
  • total waterproof protection from head-to-waist
  • the option to peel back the head area increasing peripheral vision
  • a sleeveless garment that has a sleeve opening

The Brella integrates the best features of a rain jacket and a poncho into one high quality rain jacket:  

   Rain Jacket 

  • Sleeves
  • High performance


  • Head-to-waist protection
  • Non-restrictive freedom of motion
  • Unisex, one size fits most
  • Affordable


Retractable Hood

Patented Retractable Hood ensuring custom peripheral vision.