We Sell:          High Performance, Customizable, Non-Restrictive, Unisex

                        Rain Wear You Adjust to Meet the Conditions

Your Value:     Guaranteed Freedom of Motion

                         Customized Fit + Vision Options                

                         Head to waist protection

                         More Time in the Rain™ 

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The Brella ... Guaranteed Non-restrictive, Total Freedom of Motion

User Reviews

PHOTOGRAPHER  -  I got to use the Brella extensively while we were filming + shooting in British Columbia as the weather was typical - rain and more rain.  True to your marketing, it was extremely effective at keeping me dry!!  My arms did get a bit wet here and there but in general it was much more comfortable to wear than my gore-tex arcteryx jacket.  Mark, CO

DRIVER FROM THE  UK  -  Broke down on the M4 in DEC and the Brella kept me dry while changing my tyre.  Now I keep 1 in the car and 1 in my golf bag.   Alan, UK 

MOTORCYCLIST  -  Versatile! While on a motorcycle ride, I was caught in a down pour. Fortunately I had packed the Brella in my saddlebag. The hood fit so well, I was able to comfortably wear it under my helmet, snap the Brella to cover my leather jacket and safely ride home. My entire upper body remained dry and my helmet never fogged. My advice is to take your Brella with you because it will keep you dry and most importantly safe. Let's Ride! Vic, AZ

MARATHON RACE SPECTATOR  -  I was in the rain for 3 hours and I really liked that it kept me and the backpack dry.  I had clothes and electronics in there.  Ken, NYC

REPEAT BUYER  -  Got the first one in a silent Auction as part of a stadium seat package.  Liked it so bought a second one for my wife.  Joe, NY

ARCHERY  -  I used it to cover me and my bow when it was raining which was very nice to keep my bow dry!! Because it’s very expensive equipment and I don’t want it to rust!    Jeff, NY

CAMPING  -  We went camping in the Adirondecks last weekend and the Brella was ideal and we used it for our weekend hiking, fishing and kayaking activities.  The Brella kept us dry and had zero restriction for our upper bodies. Great for camping and all outdoor activities.  Gary, NY

MULTIPLE USES  -  I regularly use the Brella and it has changed the way I do many of my outdoor activites. Activities from walks with my dogs to fly fishing.  Jerry, VA

FLY FISHING  - wore the Brella on a very windy day and the snaps kept the unit from billowing and kept me protected from the wind and rain. Great for casting with no restrictions. It’s a great product for fishing. Jeff, NY

CYCLING  -  I rode with it on for about 40 min until I reached a long mt climb and took it off as the rain had stopped.  The hood portion worked very well to velcro it away from the face and eyes for full vision.  Craig, CA

KAYAKING - Used the Brella  with a life vest on and had no problems oaring the kayak. It is very easy to put on and the wind and rain protection was awesome.  Tom, NY

KAYAKING - The Brella kept me dry especially when water splashed on my back from the oar coming out of the water.  Great product.  Mike, NY

GOLF  -  The material seems to be decent quality.   It's very slick, and I tried to rip/pull/tear on it and it didn't budge.   One feature I do like, is the velcro included in the hood to pull it back ... like many coat hoods, it sits way over your face, so you can barely see.  But you can pull it back and use the velcro to keep it out of your face.  Freedom of movement is really good.  They didn't seem to get in the way when taking swings.  It does fold up small enough to stuff in a side pocket of your golf bag.  It does what it says it does and would be handy to have in your bag.  Scott, IN

WALKING  -  I wore my Brella the other day walking from the parking lot to work in a downpour for 10 minutes.  I got into the hospital and within the few minutes it took me to get to my locker, my Brella was dry, so was I and my backpack!  Another great feature!  Just bought one for my bro!  He walks to his gym to exercise, hikes and bikes ... Holly RN,  NY 

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The Brella is Unisex ... and Women Love It

"Got the first one in a silent Auction as part of a stadium seat package.  Liked it so bought a second one for my wife."   Joe, NY

"This is another test product I regret showing my wife. She quickly absconded with the sample Brella provided for me and now I have to get another one for myself."  Capt. Mike, MI 

Protects your purse, backpack, laptop and whatever else is important to keep dry ...

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