The Brella ... High Performance, Unisex Waterproof Rain Jackets + Snap On Sleeves

Our Brella Pre-Order Fundraiser

We are introducing new products below via a pre-sales offer where the Brellas have been already discounted 25% and the snap on Sleeves have been discounted 35%.  So, what's the process?  Similar to a crowdfunding campaign:

   -  you pre-order products at a discount

   -  at the end of AUG, we order products that will take 4-5 months to produce 

   -   you'll receive your order shortly after production completion and WE CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE

   -   we give $5/Brella sold to a worthy cause.

We are offering these large pre-order discounts through  AUG 27, 2020.  We also support worthy causes, so we’re allocating $5 for every Brella sold to the following organizations.  When you checkout, enter your assigned group fundraising code or the fundraising code (4-H, TEAMR, TAPS, WILDLIFE) of the group you want to receive the $5.  This code is used for track who gets the $5 and does not offer any additional discounts:  

     4-H             -    Largest youth development organization (Louisiana)                 

     TEAMR      -   Team Rubicon, an international disaster response organization                           

     TAPS          -   an assistance program for surviving military families                                            

     WILDLIFE  -   conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife

                                         FOR US, GIVING IS OUR WAY OF RECEIVING™ 

TO PRE-ORDER: Click on Image and click Add to Cart

Camo Brellas - MSRP $99, Pre-Order Discounted Price $74.25

 Brella 1210 Edge Microfleece              Brella 2010 Marine Blue                       Brella 2010 Blaze                     Brella 2010 Edge

                                 Brella 1210 Edge Microfleece + Brella 2010 Marine Blue are in stock

Reflective Brellas - MSRP $94, Pre-Order Discounted Price $70.50

     Brella 2020 Lime Green Reflective                         Brella 2020 Orange Reflective                         Brella 2020 Light Blue Reflective

Solid Color Brellas - MSRP $89, Pre-Order Discounted Price $66.75

                           Brella 2020 Navy Blue                                                                                   Brella 2020 Red                                                                         Brella 2020 Green                                                                              Brella 2020 Green w 4-H Logo

Sleeves - MSRP $15, Pre-Order Discounted Price $9.75

            Stars + Stripes                              Marine Blue Camo                                 Orange                                     Lime Green                                         Gold                                     Lime Green Reflective                       Orange Reflective                                White

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Waterproof Ratings - What do they mean?

We sell performance and Time in the Rain™.  Most Brellas have a 20,000mm waterproof rating and Gore-tex has a 28,000mm rating so we are close in performance but at a more affordable price.  The higher the mm rating, the more intense rain and water pressure the jacket can withstand.  You never know how long you may be caught in the rain, so why not have a high performance product at a lower performance price ... the Brella. 

Snap on Sleeves - Support your Favorite Team

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