The Brella® ... We sell UNISEX, NON-RESTRICTIVE, WATERPROOF RAIN JACKETS WITH SNAP-ON SLEEVES ... and you get More Hours in the Rain™

Brella 2020 Team USA  -  PRE-SALES - The Brella Nation
Brella 2020 Team USA  -  PRE-SALES - The Brella Nation
Brella 2020 Team USA  -  PRE-SALES - The Brella Nation

Brella 2020 - MAY 2021 Delivery, Free USA shipping

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Stars + Stripes Snap-on Sleeves

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Brella 1210 Edge Microfleece and Brella 2010 Blue Camo

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Reflective Brellas - MSRP $94

Brella 2020 Lime Green Reflective                 Brella 2020 Orange Reflective                     Brella 2020 Light Blue Reflective

The Brella 2020J was featured in Club and Resort Business "unboxing" segment. Need a great rain jacket with your branding ... we have you covered with the Brella

Patented Maximum Peripheral Vision

packable into the pocket


What do Waterproof Ratings Mean?

Brella features vs. a Poncho or a Rain Jacket

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Fishing magazine editor: I wore the Brella 2010 blue camo last weekend when it rained and really like the mobility, along with the super-tight cuffs. No water inside my sleeves, which always has been an issue with other apparel while I'm fishing in the rain. Lift my arms, water runs under the cuffs. None did. My partner said: "Nice, looks good. Looks like you have some room to move around."

Brella Tester: Packing up the camper in the rain this morning gave me another great opportunity to do some testing with The Brella rain poncho! The freedom of movement is better than any rain jacket I've tried ... Fishing in waist-high waders would really play to this jacket's strength!

We have you covered ... Just listen to our customers:

"I got to use the Brella extensively while we were filming + shooting in British Columbia ast he weather was typical - rain and more rain.  True to your marketing, it was extremely effective at keeping me dry!!  It was much more comfortable to wear than my Gore-Tex Arc’teryx jacket."  Mark, CO

"I went out for a walk in my Brella 1210 and a serious windstorm started and the sprinkling rain turned to a hail/sleet storm. I walked at least 20 minutes in the hail. I arrived home dry.... and still very warm. I would have stayed longer in the storm but my hands hurt from ice pelting down on my hands.  Jane, Vancouver BC

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