PRESS RELEASE -  Rochester, NY, January 13, 2017

Brella Brella LLC introduces The Brella™  -  a customizable weather protection wearable.

Ever use rain gear that restricts the upper body and arm movement? Find it clumsy and inconvenient to carry bulky rain gear or umbrella in case it might rain?  Ever wear expensive rain gear but the water runs down and soaks your neck and back?  Problem solved  -   The Brella has arrived.

The Brella is an outdoor, high quality, waterproof garment that protects the head, neck, shoulders and upper body to the waist.  It gives you total freedom of movement and extension of your arms and upper body.  No restrictions regardless of the activity … and it has a small storage footprint.

The Brella allows you to customize the fit around your waist, side, neck and head, and increases peripheral vision.  The Brella weighs 7 ounces, is 100% polyester with a waterproof membrane, is waterproof (W/P) rated at 10,000 m2H2O and breathes at 10,000 g/m2/ 24hrs (MPV).

The Brella can be used by active outdoor people who require upper body movement and peripheral vision for Golf, Hunting, Fly and Deep Sea Fishing, Hiking, Running, Rowing, Boating, Biking, Baseball and Sailing.  On-the-job uses include Construction, Lawn Care, Military, Public Utilities and Security.

The Brella can also be used by fans watching outdoor high school, college and professional sports, like  the NFL, MLB, PGA/LPGA tour or soccer games, or just going out for a walk. 

Media Contacts

Brella Brella LLC

Hugh Rundle

(585) 472-6515


The Brella will be introduced at the

PGA Merchandising Show in Orlando, FL from JAN 25 - 27, 2017 at Booth #6583.

If you are outdoors and it’s raining, Get your Brella on, Baby!™